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Xiamen Aisi Chuangda Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 100LEDI Maintenance
Xiamen purified water machine application companies are in Xiamen Aisi Chuangda Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which is medical research and experimental development; sales of personal hygiene products; sales of second-class medical devices; sales of first-class medical devices; sales of bio-based materials; technology Import and export; sales of chemical products (excluding licensed chemical products); retail sales of cosmetics; sales of sanitary products and disposable medical supplies; sales of health food (prepackaged); wholesale of cosmetics; technology promotion services; technical services, technology development, technology Consulting, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; fermentation process optimization technology research and development; biochemical product technology research and development; bio-based material technology research and development; industrial enzyme preparation research and development; medical packaging material manufacturing; first-class medical device production.