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 RO   E-water   Pharmaceutical water   Motion_Sensor_Faucet   Induction faucet  
 EDI   Distilled   Sensor_Operation_Faucet   Medical_induction_faucet   Automatic faucet  
 18MΩ   pure valve  
purified water Inductions
 Sensor Operated Flush Valves,,Purified water diaphragm valve
 Stainless sensor operated faucet
 infrared sensor operated faucet
 Loop of Purified Water and Water for Injections
 Non-contact induction faucet
 purified water Sensor sampling valve
 purified water sampling valve
 Distilled Water Sensor Faucet
 U-Purified water induction valve
 Distilled Water faucet Sensor Faucet
 Distilled Water Valve Sensor
 Stainless Steel Induction Faucet
 Not only valve,Be caring!!! Is a responsibility!!!
 Not only valve,be caring!!!
 infrared sensor operated faucet